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April 30 to May 3, 2018 - Flynn-Tech to Attend the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston

Flynn-Teach is heading to OTC Houston! The world’s largest O&G conference and exhibition. Attendance could well reach 100,000 with an estimated 3500+ exhibitors. With the upward movement of Oil prices, there is momentum in the market as oil touches $70 and stays in the $60’s. This is a number that was expected in 2020, so we are ahead of the timeline. Watch for projects to be launched and others to be expanded. The mood and mode are still one that respects cost cutting that enhances operational efficiency. This is especially good news for the Flynn-Tech technology lines as major companies seek technology solutions to help to lower risk and increase efficiency. The focus is on total installed cost and total life cost.

At OTC, I’ll be spending time at the XEOS booth #915 and will have the APOLLO combination tracker and flasher on display. APOLLO is an independently powered, self-contained mooring beacon

with the power of an ultra-bright LED Flasher combined with satellite communications. APOLLO is the only dual mode flasher and comms device on the market! It is Full Ocean Depth rated and can be deployed for 10 years with standard Alkaline batteries.

We’ll also exhibit the have the recently released OSKER oil spill and debris tracker on the stand. The OSKER is a single use air-deployed surface tracker, with dual antennas and power integrated. Deployed in a group, the OSKERs provide accurate real time tracking over an area of the surface, mapping currents, oil spills, or other phenomenon. Set the Watch Circle to get automatic notification if any of the units travel outside the designated area. The OSKER features an Iridium transceiver for 2-way command & control and is available in kits of 5 or 10 units.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Xeos.

In addition, I’ll be carrying samples of ruggedized cables for FALMAT and looking to discuss cable applications throughout the conference. Falmat features engineered and designed high-performance cables to overcome the toughest challenges for the most severe environments, combining advanced technology, custom-engineered designs, and world-class quality to deliver industry-leading performance for the most demanding industries and applications. From high-speed subsea data transmission cables to ruggedized armored electrical, optical and hybrid constructions, FALTMAT, based in San Marcos, CA, has been producing custom cable for the most demanding subsea and land-based applications for over 50 years.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Falmat.

To schedule a meeting at OTC, or even to have a cold beer, please call my mobile at 407-342-7791 or e-mail me at

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