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COVID-19 & Flynn-Tech - Week 10!

Flynn-Tech has operated from a s tiny office since the beginning, so adapting to the "new norm" of home office has been a non-event! Business has continued pretty much as "normal" with the exception of being able to make face-to-face visits. I am proud of all of our clients and factory staff folks for remaining vigilant and following the safe practice guidelines. It can be tough! Look for outlets like a small group meeting on the beach, with safe social distancing. Outdoors, in the sun is a great way to soak up Vitamin D, keep relationships fresh and still remain safe.

As the world starts to relax and loosen some restrictions to "open the economy" caution is our friend. WE care about all of our friends family and clients and want to encourage you all to remain safe and remain well. The first few weeks will critical in this effort! Keep your guard up! As for Flynn-Tech, we are out here, armed with a PC and Mobile phone to help however we can...from a great social distance perspective! Stay the course!

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