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December 1, 2017 - John Flynn named as General Co-Chair of the 2018 MTS/IEEE/OES Oceans Conference

Flynn-Tech is proud to announce the appointment of John Flynn as General Co-Chair of the Oceans Charleston, SC Conference to be held October 22-25, 2018. In this role John will provide support to Jeff Payne General Co-Chair and leadership support in enhancing the exhibitor experience for both attendees and exhibitors to this valuable Marine exhibition and conference. The conference theme is: “Healthy Oceans, Resilient Coasts, Robust Commerce…Strong Nations” and this year, the event will yield a technical program and topics that focus on breakthrough innovations and technology advances for protecting and sustaining our oceans and coasts and underscore the positive economic outcomes of working collaboratively in these efforts. The maritime city of Charleston is the perfect backdrop for exploring relevant topics including ocean technology, working waterfronts, marine transportation and security, ocean and coastal ecosystems and fisheries, vulnerable populations, energy development and other ocean uses, coastal hazards, and more. The conference will also explore how science and technology must inform and inspire how we address the challenges of a 21st Century where environment, society, and economics are highly interconnected.

CLICK HERE to register for the conference!

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