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January 29, 2018 - Flynn-Tech and Whitney Lab teams Rescue Young Green Sea Turtle

Updated: May 8, 2018

While talking my daily plastic collecting walk on the Hammock Dunes Beach where I live, I

happened upon a young Green Sea Turtle up against the dunes, nearly 60 yards from the water. I didn’t think that he was alive, which made me sad, and then he cracked open one eye! A neighbor alerted me to the existence of the Sea Turtle Hospital at the UF Whitney Laboratory at Marine Land in St. Augustine. I contacted the Turtle Coordinator, Catherine Eastman who, along with her assistant, Rachael, drove the 14 miles to meet me. Rachel wrapped the little guy in a towel and cradle him in her arms. On the 10-minute walk back down the beach to the cars, the little turtle started to raise his head, blink his eyes and look around. He was doing much better! Cat Eastman explained that some turtles can become exhausted and overwhelmed by the cold. The prognosis was a complete recovery!

After 24-hours at the Turtle Hospital, a Turtle Team from Sea World in Orlando picked him up for relocation to Sea World where he will continue his recovery and be returned to the ocean sometime in the Spring.

If you would like to support sea turtle rehabilitation, the turtle hospital at Whitney Labs accepts donations for the good work that they do.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Whitney Labs and donate.

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