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Make Connectors Available Again!

Why wait forever fro Connecotrs and Assemblies?
DragonFish Mfg & Flynn-Tech!

Flynn-Tech is the now the Distribtuor/Rep for DragonFish Mfg. based in the San Diego area. DFM makes Rubber Molded Connectors and Assemblies! You know the ones, right? These parts are currently one of the biggest areas of concern for many of our customers, and the reason for late deliveries, broken promises and project delays...

Well...At DragonFish Mfg., we are working to "Make Connectors Available Again!" Ray Hom, former VP of Engineering at Impulse, for a few decades, runs the company. We have one primary objective: Remove the negative feelings associated with rubber molded connectors by delivering within a few weeks and have a $1 min when these connectors first hit the scene some 50 or so years ago...that's why they were so popular, darn it. They were not expensive, they work great and they were available. People don't buy connectors because they are pretty, they buy them because they are available and they are inexpensive and they work! When you buy connectors you should be happy! We want to help you to be happy!

We are tooled for a lot of connectors and we add more every week. We can make pigtails and we can make double ended assemblies, without making a big deal out of it. We have most of the contact configurations for the MCBH and MCIL style series and we can deliver most of those items in about 3 weeks. Contrary to the Big Supplier's policies, we don't believe that inventory is the devil! If you want some safety stock, ask us to lay some parts into inventory. No fancy contracts, just buy them if you ask us to hold them. We operate on the Kevin Costner Field of Dreams principle "If you build them, they will buy!" Give us an opportunity! The catch is that while we get started, we'll most likely be more expensive per piece part than the big suppliers; however, did we mention that we deliver is a few weeks and we have a 1 piece min order? ...We think that makes us a bargain, and as we grow, we'll be able to lower our pricing some. Please help us grow, and give us an opportunity to provide you with a quote. Send me an e-mail at If you buy something, I'll send you one of these cool hats... Thanks for supporting this small business!

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