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Flynn-Tech is proud to be a new representative for MARTAC Systems - MANTAS™ USV is a multi-role catamaran, proficient at performing in open ocean, riverine and inland waters delivering greater mission flexibility than traditional manned systems. Built here in Florida and flexible in size, payload capability and configurations, the MANTAS™ USV offers Extended in-field operations with open architecture and modular design allowing for rapid adaptation and integration of sensors, advance communications and improved energy payload. Highly reliable systems with waterproof components within the MANTAS hull. Optional “Stealth” Mode with a positively buoyant hull to minimize detection and perform “decks awash” operations. Performs in environments and conditions where other USV’s are unable due to MANTAS’ high-performance envelope. See more about the MANTAS your self at and imagine the capability possibilities that this platform can deliver to your program. Contact for more information!

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