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May 19, 2018 - Flynn-Tech to Participate in the 1st Annual Vembu Cup: The Vembu Subramanian Scholars

As much as I’d like to play in the event, I will be the Oceans Charleston site visit on Friday the 18th. So, Flynn-Tech is sending financial support (but just this time)! In memory of Vembu Subramanian, the University of South Florida's College of Marine Science community is organizing the first annual Vembu Cup Golf Tournament on May 19th in St. Petersburg, FL. The festivities will serve as a fundraiser for a Vembu memorial scholarship program for USF students.

There are several ways to participate. If you would like to golf (as an individual or team) at the Mangrove Bay Golf Course, St. Pete, FL:

If you would like to volunteer:

If you would like to donate (please select USF College of Marine Science 1st Annual Vembu Cup) :

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