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May 29, 2018 - Organizations that need our support! Here are the ones we're passionate about:

It falls to usthe ones who walk the beach and enjoy our oceans, to help to protect our oceans and the animals in the oceans by doing our small part to collect plastic trash that can kill our marine life and make our beaches dangerous and unsightly. It takes so little effort to be citizen scientist.

Next time you head to the beach, look for a BlueTube and take a bag to collect some plastic, or better yet, bring a handful of bags and replenish the BlueTube. No BlueTube at your beach? Become a sponsor and put up a BlueTube!

Visit the BlueTube website to learn more and remember, dispose of your trash in the proper place and join the BlueTube effort the next time you don your suit and take the family down to the beach!

Its our Indian River Lagoon, and the Lagoon needs our help!

Whether you like to fish, kayak, canoe, sail or just watch the action, our lagoon is a limited resource that requires careful handling.

Join the Save the Indian River Lagoon Organization and help do you part to make life for the lagoon a little better!

Visit the website:

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