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May 23, 2018 - Meet Shawn Amireshani of FALMAT

The fish bowl was only 50 cents more!

After a long day working with customers on FALMAT custom cable configurations and discussing ruggedized cable assembly applications, Shawn Amireshani of FALMAT was ready for some good seafood and a cold beer! Given the option of selecting a standard pint or a fishbowl… what would Shawn do? When you can get a Fishbowl for only 50 ₵ more it would seem rude not to! Shawn made the best choice! It made the spicy shrimp go down better as well! Thanks to Shawn for a couple of great days in front of customers in Florida!

Contact me anytime for custom cables & help with turn-key cable assemblies.

Learn more about what FALMAT offers by visiting their website:

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