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"Skip the Straw" Campaign to raise awareness about Single-Use Plastics Pollution!

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

Flynn-Tech recently joined with Hank lobe of Severn Marine Technologies to promote awareness over the ocean pollution contribution of single use plastics! Single use Plastic straws are a highly visible example! Think BIG and Act Small, right? Many restaurants and bar servers automatically add a straw to most if not all beverages! Our "Skip the Straw" campaign promotion, uses a button designed at no charge by Nicole Medina Designs, and an info card to help consumers to remember to "opt out" by asking the server to "Skip the Straw" when ordering drinks! Furthermore; we encourage the button wearer to give the button away to their favorite bartender or server to help to "infect" the community to be more aware of the issue and to avoid single use plastics wherever they can.

Button Card Side 1

The good people at Dr. Sylvia Earle's Alliance Mission Blue Allowed us to use some language from their web site on the side 2 of our card, and we are grateful for their support and the special message!

Button Card Side 2

We started handing out buttons at the Ocean Conference in Charleston...Within 24 hours, the bar and restaurant staff at the Embassy Suites, where we were staying, removed all of the plastic straws and stirrers from the bar and would supply them only upon request...Now that's nearly immediate progress.

Do you part..ask your Server to "Skip the Straw"! It's so easy! Every straw you skip will absolutely not end up in our oceans! Guaranteed! Every person you tell the story to will want to be a part of the solution. If you want a Button, send me an e-mail with your address and I'll send one right out!! Then give it away and ask me for another one, or a handful! ...Just can't wait to give away all 500 buttons so we have to order more!

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